Ferber Bar Review

  • A minimum of eight essays with detailed written analyses and follow-up homework tailored to your needs
  • A minimum of six Performance Tests with detailed written analyses and follow–up homework
  • One Stand-alone MBE tutorial
  • Five additional hours of individual tutoring
  • Unlimited e-mail access
  • Preparation- and exam-day strategies to get you extra points
  • Systematic Writing Instruction

Regardless of their subject matter, California Bar Exam and Uniform Bar Exam essays and performance tests have distinct question structures.  Recognizing and responding to them can boost your confidence and performance. General and subject-specific multiple-choice strategies will add points to your final grade. Individual Attention Bar Exam Preparation doesn’t stop with study and practice.  Preparing for a multiple-day Exam tests your mind, body and spirit.  We get to know you, and use high performance preparation tools and strategies to enhance your mental readiness and confidence and make you more competitive on your Exam. Individualized teaching, coaching and mentoring that come only from working one-on-one can be the difference between success and failure.  To ensure that you receive everything you need, enroll today.

MBE One-on-One Supplement 

Our MBE Supplement that emphasizes individual question-by-question review of a pre-set number of questions answered by the student on a weekly basis.  

Students and the instructor, working from the latest edition of Emanuel’s Strategies and Tactics for the MBE (“Book”) will review and discuss ten questions selected by the students from each MBE subject on a weekly basis for seven weeks.

Adam Ferber        $1600 plus cost of Book
Beth Litwin            $1400 plus cost of Book

Combined Package and MBE Supplement

Adam Ferber         $5000 plus cost of Book
Beth Litwin            $3900 plus cost of Book

Hourly Rate: (Subject to availability)

Adam Ferber:  $215                            Beth Litwin:     $175